The My Account screen shows your username, contact information, and a pane with several tabs.

  • Depending on your library's settings, there may be an I lost my card button beneath your name. If you've lost your library card, you can click this button to have your library card deactivated so that no one else can use it.
  • Click any title on the screen to see the Item Information screen.
  • Click any column heading to sort the information in the column. For instance, on the Requests tab, to reorder your requests by the date the request was placed, click the Date Placed column heading.

Click on a tab name for more information about that tab:

Messages tab

The Messages tab shows messages sent to you by library staff. Once you have read a message, you can delete the message by clicking the Delete button next to the message on the Messages tab.

The Messages tab appears only when you have a message waiting for you. When you have a message, a notification ("You have a message") appears near the top of every Chamo screen. This notification only appears when you are logged in. The message continues to appear while you are logged in until you delete, or mark as read, all of your messages.

Blocks tab

The Blocks tab lists blocks against your account. In most cases, you will need to contact a librarian to have these blocks removed.

Checked Out tab

The Checked Out tab lists items you have checked out, lets you renew any eligible items, and lets you save a comma-separated value (CSV) file of your checked-out items.
To renew eligible items,

  • Click the "select for renewal" check box next to each item you would like to renew, or use the Select All button.
  • Click the Renew button. (If an item is not eligible for renewal, the reason the item cannot be renewed is displayed instead of a check box.)
  • The screen is refreshed, showing which items have been renewed and their new due dates. The Times Renewed column shows you how many times you have renewed an item, and the number of times you may renew an item. For instance, 1 of 3 in this column means that you have renewed the item one time, and you can renew it up to three times.
  • If your communication preference as registered with the library is to receive messages from the library via e-mail, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail with information about which items were renewed. See a librarian for information about your communication preference.

To create a CSV file of checked-out items, click the Export button. Your browser will prompt you to save or open the CSV file, which can be opened using Microsoft® Excel or another spreadsheet program.

Requests tab

This tab displays your requests and shows the place in the request queue for that item.

  • To cancel a request, click the Cancel button next to the information for a request.
  • To modify a request, click the Modify button. A new screen appears where you can choose to change the Pickup Location or the Last Needed Date.
  • To deactivate a request, click the Deactivate button. A message appears near the top of the screen, notifying you that your request has been deactivated. Deactivating a request means that your request is postponed until you activate your request again.
  • To activate a deactivated request, click the Activate button. A message appears near the top of the screen, notifying you that your request has been activated.

Note that you cannot cancel, modify, activate, or deactivate a request once an item has been trapped to satisfy it.

Queue tab

The Queue tab shows items that you have placed in your queue. Library staff can also see items in your queue, and they can mail those items to you.

  • To change the priority of items in the queue, use the up and down arrows to move the items to your desired position.
  • To remove items from the queue, select the check box next to the item(s) you want to remove, and click the Remove button.


Account tab

The Account tab shows you any outstanding fees charged to your account. Some fees have a View Note hyperlink in the Note column; you can click on this link to see details about that fee.

History tab

The History tab shows your check-out, check-in, and renewal transaction history.

Note that this tab is only displayed if your account is configured to store transaction history. You can choose whether to store check-out and check-in history by . . .

  • Enabling the Save history of checked out books setting that appears on the Register screen during patron registration, OR
  • Clicking the [Edit] link on the Contact tab to edit your contact information, and enabling the Save history of checked out books setting, OR
  • Asking a library staff member to edit your account.


Contact tab

The Contact tab shows you the address and telephone number the library has on file for you. Depending on your library's settings, you may have an Edit link to change your contact information, a Change Password link that you can use to change your password, and/or a Delete button to remove the photo on file.

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