Clicking on a title on the Search Results screen displays the Item Details screen for that item. The information on this screen may include the author, publisher, physical description, list of copies, and the location and availability of the copies.

  • To perform a search for more items by the author, click the author's name. A Search Results screen is displayed with all of the library's works by that author.
  • To view the Item Details screen for other items in your search results, use the links at the upper right of the Item Details screen.
  • To return to the Search Results screen, use the Return to search link or use the Back button on your browser.
  • To view the previous item in your search results, use the Previous link.
  • To view the next item in your search results, use the Next link.

Viewing more information

The tabs at the bottom of the Item Details screen offer you more information about the item and specific copies of the item. Note that not all of the following tabs will appear for every item.

  • The Copies tab shows information about each copy of the item at branch library locations.

    If you are viewing a journal or magazine, you may be able to search for a specific issue by typing a beginning and/or ending volume number and/or year in the appropriate text boxes and clicking the Filter button.

    You may also be able to filter the issues by location to view only copies available at a single that location. You can use the locaton filter alone or with the volume search.
  • The MARC Record tab shows the information for the item in MARC format. This format is of most interest to librarians.
  • The Reviews tab shows all library patron reviews submitted for the item.
  • The Details tab shows added details about the current item.
  • The Additional Information tab contains links to additional information about the item, such as reviews and summaries.
  • The Issues tab contains information about the issues available for items such as magazine subscriptions. Note that the issues may appear in a tree format, with the most recent issues at the top. You can view the levels in the tree clicking on the arrow next to each level.

Requesting an item

To place a request for the item,

  • Click the Request button at the top of the screen to request any copy of the item.
  • On the Copies tab, click the Request button next to the specific copy of the item you want.

Adding an item to your Cart

To add an item to your Cart, click the Add to Cart button. A notification message appears towards the top of the screen notifying you that the item has been added to your Cart.

Rating, Tagging, and Reviewing

When you are logged in with your library barcode and password, you can rate, tag, and/or write a review for an item that you've read, listened to, or watched.

  • To rate an item, click the number of stars for which you'd like to rate the item. For instance, if you want to rate an item four stars, click the fourth star. Once you create a rating, you can change your rating any time by changing "Your Rating" in blue on the Item Details screen.
  • To tag an item, type your tag in the My Tags field, and click the Add button. Once you create a tag for an item, you can remove your tag at any time by clicking the red X button next to the tag.
  • To review an item, click the Write A Review link below the ratings. A new screen will appear with a text box for you to write a review. When you click the Submit Review button, you will be brought back to the Item Details screen, where your review is available for you to view.
  • You can edit your review by clicking the Edit Your Review link, or
  • You can delete your review by clicking the Delete Your Review link.
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