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Welcome to KDU Penang Library

The Library aims at supporting the KDU Penang’s Smart Learning and Teaching initiative, which features the Smart College concept where emphasis is placed on reviewing and conceptualizing teaching theories and achieving learning outcomes. In tandem to this innovative approach, the College Library provides print and electronic resources, reference service and information literacy programmes which are crucial for the teaching and learning strategies of the College.

The Library is affiliated to the libraries within the Paramount Education Division, namely, the library in the KDU University College as well as libraries in Sekolah Sri KDU.

The KDU Penang Library is committed to provide quality resources and services in support of the teaching, learning and research activities of the College community.

Latest Announcements / Library News
Library Books Circulation

In our continuous effort to serve you better, the KDU Penang library would like to remind all users of the importance of being mindful of due dates.

Review letters (email notifications, inventory letters or reminders) will be emailed automatically to all library users who borrowed / check out items prior to the expiry dates. This is a courtesy service provided by the library VIRTUA system. However, please do not rely solely on this computer-generated reminder service.

Please ensure every book or item borrowed from the library be returned on time. Fines for any overdue, damaged or lost book or item will be borne by the borrowers.

We hope all library users would occasionally refer to the date due slips pasted at the back of the items, and return / renew their items before the due date to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

We thank you for your full cooperation.

Library Management
23 March 2012

Card Access System in KDU Penang Library

Effective Monday (28th February 2011), the card access system in the Library will be activated and is only accessible by using Staff or Student cards.

The access right for staff is as long as they are current employees of KDU Penang and have Staff Cards.

For student access, it is open to all current active students, who are issued with Student Cards and have access to KCN, and do not have any outstanding balance in their account.

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